A Beginner’s Guide to Software Testing


Denis Platonov

Denis is an experienced, hands-on professional in QA and Test Automation, proficient in all types of testing. He has worked as a Principal Test Engineer and QA Manager for companies like Disney, Toyota and Hearst. Last year, he saved Census 2020 in the United States from a disaster! After a successful Census launch, he started working on a critical financial project for a Fortune 500 company.
He was recently invited to and became a chairman of the South 
California Quality Assurance Association (SCQAA) – a non-profit Testers organization with 38 years of history. Denis serves as a technical speaker on various QA conferences across the United States.
As an instructor, mentor and author of highly-rated courses on Udemy and 
Test Pro, Denis has decided to write this book because there are a lot of testing books
out there but most of them are either outdated or at very high-level. The idea of this book is to introduce the World of QA to anyone using real and simple examples, showing that Testing is easier than most people think!