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#1 Work on Real Projects​

Learning curves are more challenging when the course work is not applicable to the real world. For this reason, we collaborate with several commercial projects, as well as with open source ones, to ensure our students are able to apply all course work to future work opportunities.

#2 We teach what we use​

We are hands-on QA professionals and we are giving students the tools they need for the day-to-day working environment. You will learn how to work with JIRA, TestLink, Wiki, Mind Maps, Charles Proxy, Postman, Visual Studio Code, Browser console, and many more!

#3 Get a Job​

The main goal of our QA Bootcamp is to land you your first job as a QA professional. Thus, the focus of our program is for students to gain essential skills needed, not only for job duties but also to ace the QA interview. After this course you can expect to find a job within $35-$50/hour range!
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Online Sessions

Next Course starts on November 14th ​

  • Saturday 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM PST
  • Tuesday 6:00 - 7:30 PM PST
  • Thursday 6:00 - 7:30 PM PST

Course program

We have the most progressive teaching methodology using Agile Scrum!

Module 1: Introduction to testing.

Testing history. What is SQA and testing Definitions in testing?

Module 2: Development life cycle

Software (SDLC) and testing (STLC) using the Agile Scrum methodology with the Jira tool.

Module 3: Test documentation

Test plans, test cases (Zephyr), checklists, test matrices, defects (Jira), wikis (Confluence).

Module 4: Test classification

Testing pyramid, types of functional and non-functional testing.

Module 5: Web and mobile apps

Architecture, features, layers, overview of the HTTP protocol and basic knowledge of CDN.

Module 6: Introduction to web technologies

HTML, CSS, JavaScript and the capabilities of modern browsers (cookies, DOM, etc.).

Module 7: Continuous integration

Environments, source control systems, CI / CD pipeline (Jenkins), releases and why you need it.

Module 8: Testing

User interface (UI) testing, usability (UX) testing, functional testing.

Module 9: Database testing

Testing using databases (DB): SQL and NoSQL, ETL testing. Practice on a project with MySQL.

Module 10: API testing

API testing: analytics, REST API (Postman), network packet analysis (Charles Proxy, Fiddler). Practice on the project.

Module 11: Introduction to Test Automation

What and Why to Automate, Locators, Practice Using Selenium and Cucumber.

Module 12: Preparing for the interview.

Questions for preparing an interview, how and where to look for a job, personal sessions with a mentor!
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Our Team

Real Professionals with Real Experience

George Andraws

Sr Software Development. SAP Concur
Ultimate Test Pro with over 19 years of experience in Development, QA and Management in Apple, Amazon, Microsoft and Boeing

Chheng Violette

QA Lead. Viking Cruises
Has been leading QA teams for almost a decade and recognized as a strong hands-on professional in and Viking Cruises.

Azat Zakuanov

Lead SDET. Thrive Market
Solid experience in Software QA Engineering. Strong experience in Test Automation for Web and Mobile applications

Denis Platonov

Principal SDET. Cornerstone on Demand
Top notch QA professional in Test Automation using C# and Java based frameworks with Selenium and Appium. Worked for Toyota, Disney and Hearst

Robert Delgado

Sr. QA Automation Engineer.
US Federal Bureau Census
Solid experience in Software QA and Test Automation for Web and Mobile applications working for JD Power, LA Fitness and

Evgeny Kim

Software Engineer in Test. VISA
Software Development Engineer with solid experience in Backend and Frontend Automation Testing for Web applications.

What our learners say

Thank you Evgeny and Denis for such an amazing, super helpful, and very well-structured course. My favorite thing in this course was the amount of real-life practice and every day control from the teachers. I got 2 offers, and then got my job in 2 weeks. One of the most important aspects getting a job is an interview, so personal Skype calls helped a lot. Thank you again, and I wish you and your students all the best!
Alene N. QA Engineer
I was lucky and happy be your student.You make my vision of QA very clear.I feel like the last couple of years I really was working on projects!It gives me more confidence and understanding of workflows.And I found a lot of friends and good people here!

Vlad E. QA Analyst
I was surprised by how the complexity of the course auto adjusts to the level and professional interest of each student. I’ve been working almost a decade in test engineering, including low-level automation, and have seen so many un-scalable, poorly implemented, crappy testing frameworks… Don’t go that road, go to TestPro way instead.

Nadia M. Software Developer in Test
I just want to say how thankful I am to meet these guys, especially Evgeny Kim. I was lucky enough to get in touch with them during my job search process, and I immediately received huge support. I received answers for all of my questions before the bootcamp even started. I can honestly say that these guys care and are willing to help you all the way until you find your dream job.
Kate T. QA Automation Engineer

9-Week Immersive Program

  •  Theory
  •  Slack TestPro Community
  •  LIVE interactive sessions
  •  Real tools and techniques
  •  Home work with feedback
  •  Practice on real projects
  •  Interview prep
  •  Coordinator support
  •  Certificate of graduation
  •  Agile Scrum (small teams)
  •  Job placement*
  •  Technical support
  •  Teacher support
  •  Money back guarantee*
  •  3 personal mentoring sessions
  •  Free course replay*


After graduation, students have gotten jobs at these major companies (and many others)
General Electric
Bank of America


Can't find an answer? Don't hesitate to reach out

Who is this course for?

For people who have no experience in the tech field, but want to change their career and start a new life. Coding experience is not required. Basic knowledge of PC is enough.

What if I don't like it?

The first week is free (and very useful). No obligation. No payment. You can continue if you like the course. If it doesn’t fit you – it is your choice. No questions. No pushing.

Do I need to quit my job to take this course?

No. You can just spend an hour a day every evening and you will be good! Of course, we know that you need to do a lot of things for yourself.

What is the course schedule?

⁃ Work days: 1 hour twice per week (online only)
⁃ Weekends: 2.5 hours on Saturday or Sunday (onsite or online)
⁃ Practice: 4.5 hours per week.
⁃ Theory: a couple of hours per week.
⁃ Homework: a couple of hours per week.

For how long the entire course lasts?

9 weeks

What if I miss an online session?

Don’t worry we got you. All the lessons will be recorded and you can watch them whenever a comfortable time for you is.

What software is required?

Our course is compatible with both Mac and PC and there are no specific software requirements.

Will I get a certificate after completing the Bootcamp?

Yes. After successful graduation of the course you’ll get a certificate.

Do you have any age restrictions?

No, it is not! We have plenty of students who got hired by major companies. Jobs demand is very high but supply is low.

Bootstrap your career in QA now!